Experimental Models

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View Feto-Maternal interface (FMi) model Texas A&M University Han lab - UT medical branch at Galveston Menon Lab Fetal Membrane model Fetal Membranes Feto-Maternal interface (FMi) Organ-on-Chip (FMi-OOC) Static-3D 1 FMi-OOC is a microfluidic organ-on-chip (OOC) device containing primary or immortalized cells (decidua, chorion, and amnion [mesenchyme and epithelium]) from the fete-maternal interface (FMi) and collagen matrix harvested from primary tissue. The FMi-OOC is composed of four concentric circular cell/collagen chambers designed to mimic the thickness and cell density of the FMi in vivo. Each layer is connected by arrays of microchannels filled with type IV collagen to recreate the basement membrane of the amniochorion.