Experimental Models

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View Lumenex Large Port device University of Wisconsin-Madison - Beebe Lab Bone Marrow LumeNEXT Fluidic-3D 1 LumeNEXT uses two components - a microfluidic chamber and a removable PDMS rod. The microfluidic chamber is full with collagen that contain different mixes of cells. After collagen polimarization, the rod is removed and endothelial cells can be seed there. This device has a modification in one of the lateral ports. This port is bigger and enable the seed of spheroids. In the large port LumeNEXT device, the stroma and the tumor can be split and analyze independently but maintain the crosstalk.
View Osteochondral model-3D University of Pittsburgh Center for Cellular and Molecular Engineering Osteochondral model-F2-2019 Bone Marrow 6 Well Plate [Generic] Static-3D 0
View Single Lumen device for bone marrow microenvironment University of Wisconsin-Madison - Beebe Lab Bone Marrow LumeNEXT Fluidic-3D 0 Biomimetic model for bone microenvironment. We created a model where different bone marrow cells populations (Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem cells, adipocytes, osteoblast, fibroblast, osteoclast, and macrophages) are embedded within a 3D collagen matrix. A lumen structure lined with iPSCs endothelial cells represent blood vessels. The cell media is perfused through the lumen channel.