Assay Categories

View Name Description
View Computational Computational targets are a specific set of targets (e.g., baseMean, pvalue) resulting from processing data via a computational method or tool (e.g., DESeq2).
View Compound Level Assays intended to assess the concentration of a compound present in media (typically using spectroscopy).
View Device Characterization Assays intended to assess the physical characteristics of the device (e.g., the flow rate).
View Cell Viability/Proliferation/Toxicity Assays intended to assess cell growth and viability. Methods may include labeling and imaging cells.
View Cell Morphology/Function Assays using imaging or video to assess cell shape or cell function, typically using fluorescent labels or dyes.
View Secreted Protein/Compound Assays intended to assess synthesis and transport of proteins (or compounds) out of the cell (typically measured using an ELISA kit).
View Gene Expression Assays intended to assess the extent to which a gene is expressed in a cell to make RNA and proteins. Gene expression may be measured by RNA, protein level, or protein function. (
View Intracellular Biosensor Assays in which an expressed protein biosensor is used to monitor intracellular targets. (
View Protein Binding Assays intended to assess the degree to which substances bind to proteins, typically using rapid equilibrium dialysis (RED) followed by spectroscopy. (