SQL-SAL MPS Liver Model Reproducibility Figure 2S


Data sets produced at the Texas A&M Tissue Chip Testing Center and at the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute.

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View/Edit TCTC Reference Study 2018-01-30 CC SQL-SAL 1.5 Fluidic-3D -No Diseases- 329 0 0 0 0 0 0 This study is a reference study done at the UPDDI for comparison with the SQL-SAL 1.5 models run for the TCTC project. Method: Determine chip to chip reproducibility in vehicle treated (1% DMSO) and 40 µM tolcapone treated SQL-Sal 1.5 devices during 14 day incubation. Results: chip to chip variation was at excellent to acceptable levels for albumin, urea and LDH. Comment: previous studies in this model showed significant reduction in liver functions at 88 and 220 uM tolcapone. The lack of the effect at 40 uM should be retested. UPDDI Dillon Gavlock 4 2018-08-30 Taylor_MPS 40
View/Edit TCTC Training 2018-02-27 TOX SQL-SAL 1.5 Fluidic-3D -No Diseases- 126 0 0 0 0 0 0 Purpose: The goal of this experiment was to educate Courtney Sakolish from Texas A&M University on the construction and use of the SQL-SAL 1.5 liver model in a commercial Nortis devices. Methods: The SQL-SAL 1.5 liver model was constructed in 6 Nortis devices for 14 day treatment to vehicle control or 88 and 220 μM tolcapone. Results: Albumin, urea synthesis was decreased, LDH release was increased in devices treated to tolcapone as compared to vehicle only treated devices. UPDDI Dillon Gavlock 4 2018-09-18 Taylor_MPS 152
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