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Good example to use for evaluating the power analysis

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View/Edit UPLiver_Tier2c_3D 2018-08-31 TOX SQL-SAL 1.5 Fluidic-3D -No Diseases- 2,150 0 54 0 0 0 2 This tier of testing was part of the 3D “Toxicity” study to measure the effects of drugs on cells seeded in SQL-SAL tissue chips. In this study, 27 chips (Nortis, Inc.) were seeded with iPSC-derived hepatocytes from CDI, as well as supporting cells (LX-2, EA.Hy926, and THP-1) in a layered collagen matrix. Cultures were treated with either a vehicle (0.1% DMSO, n=3), caffeine (600uM, n=3), trovafloxacin (150uM, n=3), troglitazone (28uM, n=3), tolcapone (88uM, n=3), rosiglitazone (0.8uM, n=3), pioglitazone (3uM, n=3), trovaflocacin + LPS (150uM + 1ug/mL, n=3), or LPS (1ug/mL, n=3). Cells were cultured over 10 days with daily media sampling. Media was tested for flow rate, Albumin, Urea-Nitrogen, LDH, and TNF-a, as well as the presence of the parent drug compounds. Additionally, viability testing was carried out at endpoint. TEX-VAL Michael Castiglione 4 2019-07-11 Rusyn_TAMU 225
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